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  • Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs [verify]



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due October 13, 2023
this breeding has been confirmed
no whites are expected


High Caliber's Moonlight Journey TT
aka Tundra
b. December 14, 2020 | white plush
sire: Noble Baron of the Salish Sea
dam: srbCH Stellar's Moonlight Chaser of Calibr TT
height/weight: 103lbs
hips: PH L 0.21 R 0.22, no OA, Rpt #178675
elbows: OFA Normal (P/L 20M)
heart: holter (18,0,0) 8M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-ACA111/15F-VPI, Echo
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE104/15F-VPI, 2022

DM Normal GenSol #106494, 3/11/2021
DNA TSS502 (P2)

Nat/IntJR Serenity's Torin of High Caliber TT
aka Torin
b. November 9, 2020 | dark black/cream plush
sire: sCH High Caliber's Ride The Lightning TT
dam: GVx2 NSx4 rbsCH High Caliber's Cosmic Dancer TT
height/weight: 29.5″ 126lbs
hips: PH 0.27 R 0.27, no OA, Rpt #175691
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL1010M32-P-VPI
heart:holter (0,0,0) 7M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-ACA108/17M-PI, Echo
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE102/17M-VPI, 2022
DM: Normal, GenSol #88538, 12/2020
DNA TSS640 (P2)