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  • Kimberly Murnyack
  • Central Pennsylvania


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We are currently in the process of restablishing High Caliber Shilohs in Kim's memory. Thank you for your patience while we work.





cal-i-ber - degree of excellence


High Caliber Shilohs is a small breeding program located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, that is dedicated to breeding Shiloh Shepherds with stable temperaments, superior conformation, and excellent health. We currently have four Shilohs living with us in a large house we built in 2007 and they have one acre of fenced yard in which to play. We do not confine our Shilohs to kennels or crates, they share the entire house with us and sleep in our bedroom. Our Shiloh Shepherds are greatly loved and well socialized.  


We enjoy competing in conformation shows throughout the northeast and Ontario in order to promote our Shiloh Shepherds, to prove their proper structure, movement, and conformity to breed standard, and to socialize with other breeders and exhibitors and meet their Shilohs. We often attend shows held by organizations such as ICKC, IABCA, ABIDS and specialties held by our breed club, the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC). Our Shilohs have earned many Championship titles, National Select and Grand Victor and Victrix awards with these organizations as well as with our registries, The Shiloh Shepherd Registry (TSSR) and previously the National Shiloh Breeders Registry (NSBR).  


Just as important as the conformation of our Shiloh Shepherds is their versatility in other areas as well. Many of our Shilohs have received their Canine Good Citizen certificates and certifications with Therapy Dogs International. We have participated in the READ program at a local elementary school, attended the Special Olympics, visited Penn State students during finals week, visited nursing homes and worked with TIDES, a wonderful program that provides support to grieving children and families who have lost loved ones. We also love to do agility training! We find that this sport helps young Shilohs to gain confidence and dexterity and it also provides some great one on one bonding time with each dog. But we also have plenty of unstructured fun with off leash hiking in the woods, camping trips, swimming and going to baseball games and meeting new people at pet expos.  


The health of our Shiloh Shepherds and of our future generations is of the utmost importance to us. We perform health testing for hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and thyroid, as well as DNA testing for degenerative myelopathy and a TLI blood test that shows indications of Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Each breeding we do is extensively researched and the sire and dam are carefully chosen so as to complement each other in conformation, genetically, and in health and temperament. Our goal is to continually improve upon each of these aspects of our dogs. We look for loving homes and dedicated owners for our Shiloh Shepherds who will keep us updated with reports on the health, temperaments, and personalities of our puppies as well as provide us with lots of photos of them so we can see how they develop. It is very important to know what each breeding has produced so that we may continue to improve upon the breed so dear to our hearts, the Shiloh Shepherd!


~Kim Murnyack