In Brief

  • b. February 16, 2018
  • height:
  • weight:
  • black/cream plush
  • OTX 7.03% (F5/F4/CHA5)


Titles Explained


Our Boys:


High Caliber's Rock n Roll Warrior
sire: NSx2 bCH High Caliber's Noble Warrior TT
dam: GV NSx4 rbCH High Caliber's Cosmic Dancer TT


from our
Shiva/Shak, February 2018


Zeppelin is co-owned and lives with his family
in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


Health Testing +/-

heart: holter (0,0,0) 5M, 7/25/2018
DM Carrier, GenSol #88530, 3/29/2018
copies of health certificates furnished upon request


Achievements +/-
At The Shows +/-