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Zayda/Cam - b. October 12, 2016

2 boys, 2 girls; all plush



GVx2 MBIS GrCh CanCH bdnrsCH Nat/IntJA
High Caliber’s Celestial Fire, CGC, TT, TDI,
aka Zayda
b. May 31, 2010 | black/cream plush
sire: GV NS BIS/BISS abCanCH riCH Miracle’s Aquilo Enteros, OFA, CGC, TDI
dam: NS TD rbsCH Caliber’s Smoke On The Water of CJ,
height/weight: 27" 93#

hips: PennHip (L) 0.22 (R) 0.25, no DJD
elbows: OFA Normal (P/L 13M)

heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA387/22F/C-VPI

thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH206/18F-VPI

eyes: CERF Normal SHS-204/2010-2

TLI: normal
DM: OFA Normal SLH-DM124/21F-VPI


rbCH High Caliber's Power Surge, TT
aka Cam
February 3, 2013 | black/cream plush
sire: bCHptd Bolo's Cosmic Polar Bear TT, HIT
dam: TD NS rbCH Caliber's Kiana Kulani of CJ CGC, TT, ROM

height/weight: 28.5" 98lbs

sire: bCHptd Bolo's Cosmic Polar Bear TT, HIT, ROM

dam: TD NS rbCH Caliber's Kiana Kulani of CJ CGC, TT, ROM

hips: PennHIP L 0.23 R 0.26 (>90th percentile)

elbow: OFA Normal 18M

heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA499/37M/C-VPI-ECHO,
and cardiac holter/clear, 7M

thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH265/18M-VPI

eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE37/37M-VPI; 2016
TLI 17 ug/L, 9/3/2014
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM274/19M-VPI



High Caliber Shilohs is excited to announce the breeding of our sweet, special girl Zayda to our handsome and loving boy Cam. This litter will be full Shiloh with a single outcross, Chaos. It will bring together two dogs with extensive health testing and excellent hip scores, outstanding conformation, movement, and tail carriage, and confident, people-oriented personalities. Their puppies should also possess excellent structure and fluid movement along with playful and loving personalities. There should be some great show prospects as well as some with moderate working drive and also therapy dog personalities. These pups will be great, fun-loving family companions.


Zayda is a sweet, smart and happy girl who assumed the role of queen of our pack soon after she was born. She has the self-assured attitude that makes our other Shilohs yield to her wishes and the smooth, yet powerful movement that helped her easily attain her Championships (IABCA Junior, Breed, ISSDC,

NKC, ICKC, and ABI) in just one weekend each. At the age of merely 15 months, she also earned both the NSBR and ISSDC Grand Victrix awards! In addition to all her conformation awards, Zayda has also earned her Canine Good Citizen, Canadian Canine Good Neighbor, Adult Temperament Test and Therapy Dogs International certifications. Children seem to be drawn to her cheerful attitude. She always loves to play ball, but at the end of the day, her favorite thing is to snuggle against me just as close as she can get for lots of love and kisses.


Cam is very playful, confident, and loves people, but also has just the right amount of protective instincts for his family with young children. His balanced conformation and impressive movement got him noticed right away in the show ring, winning Best Puppy at the Shiloh International Event Weekend, several Best In Show Junior, and Best Junior in the ICKC Shiloh Showdown weekend. He finished his adult championship in one weekend and is working toward additional show titles this year. Although he can be a high energy boy, he is very well-behaved on leash and is also very gentle with my one-year old son and will lie down and let my son sit down and lean against him.


This litter will be all plush and all duals with medium to medium soft temperaments, high intelligence and willingness to please, and moderate activity levels. If you have enough time and love, and are able to include them in your activities, these pups should be an excellent addition to your family.




cal-i-ber - degree of excellence


High Caliber Shilohs is a small breeding program located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, that is dedicated to breeding Shiloh Shepherds with stable temperaments, superior conformation, and excellent health. Our six Shilohs live with us in a large house we built in 2007 and have one acre of fenced yard in which to play. We do not confine our Shilohs to kennels or crates; they share the entire house with us and are our only “children”. Our Shiloh Shepherds are greatly loved and well socialized. All six of our Shilohs have received their Canine Good Citizen certificates and two are certified with Therapy Dogs International.


We enjoy competing in conformation shows in order to promote our Shiloh Shepherds, to prove their proper structure, movement, and conformity to breed standard, and to socialize with other breeders and exhibitors and meet their Shilohs. We often attend shows held by organizations such as NAKC, IABCA, NKC, ICKC and specialties held by our breed club, the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC). Our Shilohs have earned many Championship titles and awards with these organizations as well as with our registry, the National Shiloh Breeders Registry (NSBR).


Just as important as the conformation of our Shiloh Shepherds is their versatility in other areas as well. We have two Shilohs, Moose and Terra, who are certified therapy dogs and go on visits to nursing homes and the Special Olympics. We also have two Shilohs, Murphy and Terra, who are herding instinct certified and we hope to continue training for this exciting activity, which comes naturally to many Shilohs. All six of our Shilohs have had varying levels of agility training and each enjoy their time spent with this fun sport. But we also have plenty of unstructured fun with off leash hiking in the woods, camping trips, swimming, going to the dog park and to baseball games and meeting new people at pet expos.


The health of our Shiloh Shepherds and of our future generations is of the utmost importance to us. We perform health testing for hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and thyroid, as well as DNA testing for degenerative myelopathy and a TLI blood test that shows indications of Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Each breeding we do is extensively researched and the sire and dam are carefully chosen so as to complement each other in conformation, genetically, and in health and temperament. Our goal is to continually improve upon each of these aspects of our dogs. We look for loving homes and dedicated owners for our Shiloh Shepherds who will keep us updated with reports on the health, temperaments, and personalities of our puppies as well as provide us with lots of photos of them so we can see how they develop. It is very important to know what each breeding has produced so that we may continue to improve upon the breed so dear to our hearts, the Shiloh Shepherd!


Please feel free to give us a call at (814) 387-0124 or send us an email at with any questions you may have about this very special breed. Visits to our home are welcomed and encouraged.


~Kim Murnyack